Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just watched the weather....Effects of Technology? Or Something Like That.

Currently im taking the class Cap 104 or computer application - computers and society. In this class socio political and cultural impact on everyday society.

What makes this class really interesting is when we looks at the time span in which the first computer was created to our present day with technology being an omnipresent part of our everyday lives.

I mean when a website stops working or you can't get a phone signal or you're only able to download at 400 kbs do you get as frustrated as I do? Chances are you probably do and you get really pissed much like i do. But imagine this when this happens the technology you're using right now for the most part has only been around for the past 20 years and in recent years it's gone far above and beyond what people could have imagined.

I remember when i was a kid and we had our first family computer, my HD on that computer must have been only like 512mb or maybe a few more. But 20 years ago that was a big deal and we relied more on external memory like floppy disks. But now you can get 2TB 7800 rpm SATA drive for like 150$ if you told most people that 20 years ago that might have called you crazy. Even more importantly phones are like mini computers. My Samsung 4g has 1ghz processor and 512mb of rams. My phone is faster then my first computer....

But computer aren't merely something that sits on a desk in a family room anymore. We have computers almost anywhere we go. In forms of car ecu's checkout counters, tablets, doors, security systems, electrical systems, communication systems pretty much everything. Which makes this technology even more pervasive is the fact that we also have an internet connection or access to the internet virtually anywhere we go, and people get pissed when they're in the middle of no where and can't get a signal! People need to check themselves!

Social networks are something that have caused historical changes in how we interact with people and keep in contact with acquaintances and friends. This is also a medium that has only been popularized only in the last decade. I know for a fact many people weren't posting on any angelfire sites! But who would have imagined 20 years ago that you would find out you're getting a divorce via a Facebook notification. Isn't technology grand?