Tuesday, March 27, 2012

compare and contrast how technology is used in the united states and one other area o the world

In the united states we are able to enjoy extremely relaxed laws in regards to what is available for viewing on the internet as well as what we are able to say and create. In other countries, for example china, they do not enjoy the same freedom. China's internet laws are known ironically as the great firewall in china. These group of legislation is able to filter webpage results in search engines such as Google and yahoo, and hold ISP's responsible for content published by webmasters on their networks. The Chinese government is also able to be notified when red flagged words are published online whether in a web post or instant message. These words can range from dhalli llama, "free Tibet", Revolution etc. China is also able to block foreign IP addresses and news websites such as the BBC and the Human Rights Watch.

These restrictions have caused chinese web users to create elaborate ways to get around the great chinese firewall. This includes coded messages where they replace a red flagged term for non related or nonsensical term. Chinese internet users have also come to rely heavily the use of proxy IPs. This is where a internet user configures their browser to go first to a foreign IP address and acts a middle party before going to a website you've requested, thereby circumventing going through the Chinese ISP's. This is completely different then what we experience in America. Everything and everything is able to be viewed and posted on the internet within the united states, except for some exceptionally obscene materials. It's extremely important for us as Americans to realize how truly blessed we are as country to have as much freedom as wee do with such a revolutionary and culturally changing technology.

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