Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 DMC Clinton Speech

Hillary spoke extremely well tonight, she showed tonight why people believed in her. Unfortunately that all I'm going to give her.

Earlier this year when she was running her campaign her biggest argument against Obama was his lack of experience, a message she did in fact approve. But now she says no Obama is the man he'll get us out of the ditch we dug over the past 8 years.

she spoke of the neccesiaty for green technology, reform of the education system (that most likely won't fix it.), restablish Americas relations nationally(we'll have our work cut out for us with Russia), Universal health care,etc. Solid points most of which have been drilled into our head over the past year during the primary elections.

They also made McCain look like a Bush clone "Now, John McCain is my colleague and my friend. He has served our country with honour and courage. But we don't need four more years of the last eight years." said by Hillary Clinton

Honestly I'm still torn between the Two and I refuse to make my decision based on this. Her speech was more or less a great attempt to get the democratic party to unite under Obama, unfortunately you can't say Obama is not experienced enough to lead as your platform and then go around and tell everyone nope, nope he's the man for the job.

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