Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kucinich on fire!

Kucinich gave a riveting speech last night rallying the democratic party further, driving the crowd into a frenzy in fact, at some high points. Although he didn't stray from the normal Democratic laundry list of issues, and more or less lectured the crowd which is the norm of politics lately. Don't get me wrong I do respect the message that the convention is trying to make. Hope, potential, initiative, growth, change all important for the future of our nation. Unfortunately all of that is pretty much just "talk" unless the people get involved and remain involved and ride the politicians asses like they should. As we have seen in the past, during the 60's we saw the greatest political change but this was due to the people being pissed off and actually wanted change and weren't content with just sitting around waiting for it, they went out and got it.

In November we know we'll have the highest voter turn out years, the real questions is if we'll be able to repeat it in other elections, or will we fall back into old habits?

But back to my main point
Kucinich gave a great speech and hopefully the items he mentioned will be changed and we'll see America as the leading world power once again, with better foreign policy, less debt, etc..

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