Monday, August 25, 2008

Russia Georgian conflict.

The Georgian Russian conflict is in my opinion is sort of a reenactment of the United States invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, saying that though is not completely accurate. The United States invasion or if you want to call it our dedication to became more prominent in Middle Eastern affairs.

Both were active military invasions of smaller oil rich nations with the pretense of coming to defend the rights of the people of the smaller nation. In the American invasion it was to pursue Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan unrelated though both countries were rich with oil. Information now tells the American people that they were lied to as to create public support for a reasonless invasion and occupation. Although the we were lied to I personally support our occupation, I believe that if we wanted to remain prominence as a world power we not only need to change our leader but we need to remain in control of what drives globalization which currently is energy.

Russia is the America of this war in Georgia, during the 80's Russia invaded Iraq. Keep in mind the Cold War was still happening. Because of this America would not stand idlely by and watch Russia take control of a heavily oil rich nation. America though did not want to start an open war so they opted for the next best thing and decided to fund and arm the local militants and guerrilla fighters including Osama Bin Laden, who America promised would help after the conflict. America gave birth 30 years ago to the problem that plagues the world now terrorists and militants that fight with false religious pretenses to fight the western devil through any means necessary. Georgia isn't funding religious militants but funding guerrilla fighters from Georgias break away Territories which may pave the way for problems in the future, because it would seem evident history does repeat itself.

At this point in time it is clear with out a shadow of a doubt that Georgia was soundly defeated by Russia and all that's left is for the 2 break away nations Independence to be recognized internationally, but who knows when that will happen because currently only Russia has. Interestingly enough Russia is doing a ethnic cleansing of the break away territories by removing all Georgians from them (roughly 30% of those populations are Georgians) and obviously enough Russia is reluctant to call it that. Internationally the tension between the West and Russia could be cut with a Knife due to the west funding the the Georgian offensive against Russia.

Russia did agree to pull out troops from Georgia though only the amount which is in accord with it's military plan, in other words Georgia may become another Iraq. Many ask why the international community is reluctant to intervene more directly or at least do more. The answer is oil, Russia appears to be using strong arm tactics to make people afraid that it may constrict the oil it exports.

In short it's the just another Iraq, and Afghanistan, and it will be interesting how this plays out at the end and what effects it will have ultimately with the Russians international relations. As well what will ultimately happen to the newly independant providences.

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